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Thomas Howell's Education Fund for North Wales

Thomas Howell was a successful Welsh cloth exporter and philanthropist, elected Warden of the Drapers’ Company in 1527. When he died, he left 12,000 ducats to be invested by the Company to produce dowries for orphan girls.  We now use part of this endowment, carefully nurtured over several centuries, to give grants promoting the education of young people in North Wales. The rest we use to support Howell’s School in Llandaff.

Our aim is to help students from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds to participate fully in education, both in school and beyond the classroom. Over the last nine years, we have awarded grants totalling £2.2 million.


Grants must benefit young people under 25 living or studying in Anglesey, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Gwynedd  or Wrexham.

We support a broad range of educational initiatives through grants to schools, institutions and organisations.

Grants will usually be directed towards the public sector of education, although particularly deserving cases within the private sector may also be supported

We support small capital projects that enhance education or enrich the learning experience of pupils and students

We support projects that make the most of the outstanding North Wales  countryside, build leadership and personal qualities and raise environmental awareness

Grants can be used to fill gaps in educational provision or resources that are not funded by the Local Education Authority or other public body

Grants can be used to enrich the learning experience of pupils who need encouragement

We support initiatives that broaden perspective on subjects taught at secondary school

We provide grants to improve literacy and numeracy at primary school

Our grants can be used to broaden the horizons of young people within their local communities

We support initiatives to improve school governance

Grants are normally not provided for:

Playgroups,  individuals,  fees or shortfalls in LEA funded small capital projects

Overheads or running costs other than for registered charities

Work that has already taken place

Application process

How much do we apply for?

There is no upper limit on grants awarded, but few grants are made over £10,000.  Requests for larger grants will be subject to greater scrutiny and we may take longer to reach a decision. Most grants are one-off awards.  Multi-year grants will not normally be provided for longer than three years.

who do we apply to?

Please plan your project carefully.  Asking for items that we do not typically fund, poor planning, and insufficient budgetary information are common reasons for unsuccessful applications. Please send us your completed application form and (if not a school or college) a set of your most recent audited accounts or trustees report.

Please send your application to:

Mrs Susan Mayall

when can we apply?

A panel which includes people from North Wales with relevant expertise and experience meets three times a year to review and assess grant applications.

You can apply at any time of the year. Applications are considered at meetings in November, March and June. In order to be considered, completed applications should be submitted at least five weeks before the date of the meeting.

The next meeting dates are:
17 March 2022
7 June 2022

helpful hints
  • Complete all relevant sections of the form in a font size of not less than 11 and keep to the maximum word limitations, where specified
  • Be concise and limit the completed  application form to a maximum of five sides of A4
  • Include all relevant information in the form, rather than stating “please see attached documents”
  • Submit audited accounts and trustee reports that are not more than 12 months old
  • Do not enclose additional information that is not requested
  • Use only the application form provided
  • Enclose an English translation if you wish to submit your application in Welsh
  • The application form should be single-sided and completed as a Word document or in black ink
  • Applications from schools should be endorsed and countersigned by the Headteacher

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